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"That not the hunter, who not wishes of adventures,
unexpected meetings with dangerous animals... "

Mari El

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This corner of a untouched nature - Republic Mari El is at the centre of the European part of Russia, comparativly not so far from capital of the country of Moscow. Achievement of a civilization and innocent nature are combined here perfectly. Surprisingly, your can drive the machine in any point of this "bear`s it is possible for a corner". Of course there are places where it is difficult to make the way without a skilled conductor and on foot.

Yoshkar - Ola is the capital Mari El, is to the north of Kazan and is connected to such large cities as Moscow, Kazan, Nizhni Novgorod by automobile, railway and air types of transport. The close arrangement to the great Russian river the Volga enables reaching up to Yoshkar - Ola by water transport with opening of the navigation on this river.

Mari El is a little away from the large roads, that enables the numerous visitors of republic, to whose services the good hotels are submitted, temporarily to forget about businesse and to have a rest from vanity. It seems that any political shocks in Russia will not change the measured life of Russian province. The inhabitants are surprisingly the hospitable people is surprising. The low prices for products of a feed and other goods make republic Mari El even more attractive for tourism.

The republic Mari El is located a border of forest - steppe and mixed woods. Practically all the territory of Mari El is covered by innocent, untouched wood, the abundance of forest lakes and little rivers makes it even less passable, and only in the west of republic the taiga wood is replaced by copses. Exactly this feature of the location of the republic has affected the animal world and the ways of the hunt in Mari El.

The traditions of the hunt of the native population were the developing during years. The hunt as on the hoofed animals such as lamb, boar as on pine forest feathered game (blackcock, wood grouse) is advanced here very much. The hunt on marsh and swim feathered game is distributed due to the numerous lakes and bogs.

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