The contents of a site.

The legal documents (all documents are written in Russian language only)

The rule is about a hunt and hunting facilities of Russian Federation
The rule which an amateur and sport hunt in Russian Federation
The list of animals for hunting
The book of rare animals which on being under protection in Russia. This book is called "Red book"
The rule of getting the hunt certification
The hunting dogs Mari El

The breeds of dogs
Pointers and spaniels
Terriers and dachshunds

The calendar RCF for 2000.
The monobreeds exhibitions of dogs (CAC, Ch. C., .Ch. C.) of the National clubs of the hunting breeds RCF.
The calendar of sports measures of the Russian Cinologique Federation for 2000.

The results of field`s tests.
Tests from 07-08 August 1999
Results of All-Russian competitions of hounds taken place on the 8-15th of oktober 1999

The list of the producers recommended for giving birth to puppies.
Hunting in Mari El Republic

The hunting animals Mari El
Kinds of huntings in Mari El

The hunting for marsh game
The hunting with pointers

The hunting for wood game
The hunting on a wood grouse`s floor
The hunting on a black grouse`s floor
The hunting to a black grouse brood
The hunting as per spring desire of woodcock
Autumn hunting as per passage of woodcock

Duck hunting (In Russian language only)
The hunting with a planted duck
The hunting from cover
The hunting from approach
The hunting from boat
The hunting as per passages

Wolf hunting (In Russian language only)
Battue hunting
The hunting like the animal`s voice (vaba)
The hunting by traps

Fox hunting
The hunting with hounds
The hunting with flags

Wildcat hunting (In Russian language only)
The hunting with laykas
The hunting by traps

Marten hunting (In Russian language only)
The hunting with laykas
The hunting by traps

Hare hunting
Trace hare
The hunting with hounds

Bear hunting
The hunting on oats
The hunting out of ambush with carrion
Battue hunting
The hunting on the den

Elk hunting
Battue hunting
The hunting on a elk`s floor

Boar hunting
Battue hunting
The hunting out of ambush
Hunter to Hunter
Hunter house
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